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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is committed to delivering medical excellence and compassionate care with the most skilled physicians and medical teams, treating each patient equally, and integrating excellence in clinical care with academia and research for the benefit of Israeli residents and the population worldwide.
Pre-operative care center: setting patients’ minds at ease before surgery.
Undergoing surgery are understandably anxious—they feel uncertain about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Many patients awaiting surgery face life-threatening illnesses, and most suffer from pain or disability, compounding their apprehension. To prepare for surgery, patients undergo numerous pre-procedure tests, as well as pre-surgical and anesthesia preparation, remaining in the Preoperative Clinic for up to eight hours.
The Nevzlin Family Foundation is supporting a new, upgraded Preoperative Care Center at Sourasky, which will be a primary treatment and support hub delivering top-quality, efficient care at all preoperative and postoperative stages, from diagnosis through recovery. The Center will be a pivotal step in the continuum of care, helping patients arrive at the operating table calmer and more prepared, and helping them fully recover post-surgery and return to their lives.
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